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Gift or Grant Application

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The Arlington Optimist Club is proud to have been able to make a funding contribution to your organization in the past. We are receiving additional requests this year and are attempting to standardize our decision process for making such contributions. Please complete this form to submit your request for this year.
If you are seeking a gift or a gift again this year, please let us know for what expenses you will be applying the funds. If you are seeking an increase please provide additional justification for the increase in your next response. Since the purpose of the Optimists is to support youth, it is always helpful to know that our contribution is not being used to pay administrative costs. If you file a IRS Form 990 or 990x, please provide that with your request via email to
If you are asking for an increase from our past contribution, please explain why that increase is needed.
Finally, the sales of Christmas trees is the sole source of income that makes possible all of our contributions to support programs benefiting the youth of Arlington. The sheer volume of our tree sales requires a significant amount of physical work at the tree lot. Optimist members are too few undertake these sales without full participation by the youth, their parents, and their coaches of each organization that receives a portion of the net proceeds from the sales. Accordingly, if you wish to receive a grant from the Optimist Club this year, you must be willing to schedule times at the tree lot to assist in these sales by working with an Optimist. [We have been very grateful for the exemplary efforts made by your and other organizations in the past].
Please confirm the point of contact we should use within your organization for both scheduling for the tree lot and for receipt of our check:
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.